PD Training Signature Series – Supervising Others Training Course

Supervising staff requires certain key skills, which we focus on in our newly re-developed Signature Series Training Course; Supervising Others.

This popular course developed and delivered by PD Training (PDT) is designed to provide both new and experienced supervisors with the basic skills to be a successful manager. The course is part of the PDT Signature Series.

This collection of our most popular courses has been redeveloped to ensure we remain at the forefront of the adult learning and development industry.

Key Skills Taught Include:

  • Handling Internal Promotions
  • Personality Profiling Results
  • Goal Setting
  • Successful Delegation
  • Providing Feedback
  • Task Prioritisation
  • And Much More!

To ensure the success of our participants, PDT set out to work with educational designers and our team of experienced professional trainers to develop our Signature Series of training courses around the powerful, Leading Dimensions Profiling Tools (LDP).  We coupled this with feedback from previous participants to create an exclusive Supervising Others Training Course.

The LDP personality profiling tool allows our team of LDP certified trainers to understand the various types of personalities in the room before the course even begins. This allows them time to tailor the course to better suit the learning styles of each individual participant. By tailoring the course to the attendees, we found that the students learned more effectively and left the course feeling more empowered and confident to implement what was taught on the day.

The professional development industry has always faced the problem of supplying clients with realistic return on investment statistics. By working with the LDP Tools, and our bespoke cloud-based Training Management Centre (TMC), PDT has been able to overcome this industry-wide obstacle and can quote our clients with accurate Return on Investment Figures based on specific KPI’s put into the system by our clients. These KPI’s can then be measured post-training and a true ROI assessment can be reported based on improved outcomes.

Innovation and continuous improvement is part of the PDT mission statement, so by building our Signature Series courses around this new learning framework, we have created a series of courses that are modern and timely.  Learn the latest in supervision skills, in association with modern online tools and apps, that can assist you to be a more effective manager.

PD Training has made it our mission to help each participant become more confident in their own skills, and with our new, innovative training course, even the most ambitious supervisor can reach their goals.

The Supervising Others Training Course is part of our re-designed Signature Series that was developed to provide the best adult learning and development experiences available

For more information or to book an Supervising Others Training Course, follow the link below: https://pdtraining.com.hk/courses/supervision-training

Or speak to one of our friendly consultants call us on: 5808 8521

We look forward to helping improve your supervising skills and confidence!

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