PD Training Signature Series – Professional Telephone Skills

PD Training (PDT) is dedicated to providing the most effective adult learning experiences for individuals, teams and organisations across Hong Kong and the world!

To succeed in this mission, we have re-developed our most popular courses, branded with our Signature Series banner, and have now launched them into the marketplace. The Professional Telephone Skills Training Course is one of our flagship courses within this new Signature Series Framework and provides each participant with the skills and expertise to efficiently interact with others over the phone.

Key Skills Taught in This Course Include:

  • Providing Great Customer Service
  • Developing Your “Voice”
  • Handling Irate Customers
  • Effective Questioning
  • Pre-Call Planning
  • Leaving Effective Messages
  • And More…

PDT is focused on providing innovative and effective training, but it soon became apparent that the same old courseware was out of date and limiting us in our pursuit of delivering industry-leading professional development training. So, we engaged our expert instructional designer to revamp the courseware to engage and support our students in a very unique way.

The Professional Telephone Skills Training Course has been redeveloped around our custom designed personality profiling tool; the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP). This powerful tool ensures that the course itself meets the levels of innovation required for a course that teaches the necessary skills for such a dynamic and fast paced area of professional life. By collecting feedback from previous students, collaborating with our experienced trainers and industry leaders we have redeveloped our courseware, which is exclusive to PDT, for the effective training of professional telephone skills.

The power of the LDP Toolkit and reporting capabilities lies in its ability to provide our certified trainers with information beyond the initial impression of participants. By allowing the trainer to gather information about each participant, via the personality survey which is completed before commencing the course, our experienced trainers can adapt the course material to the specific personalities in the room.  This creates a truly unique training experience that is far more effective for most individuals.

We have also incorporated the latest in research and tools such as mobile apps and online or cloud-based options for helping participants not only learn new skills, but to also implement them back in the workplace to create effective outcomes and improved productivity, awareness and self-confidence in ways that can be measured.

Professional development skills and knowledge transfer have always been difficult to measure, as the reliance on the bottom line and value for money often outweighs the unknown benefit of the investment. By building our Signature Series courses around the LDP Tool, and bespoke IT systems, PDT is uniquely positioned to provide clients with real return on investment figures based on their own internal KPI’s.

By striving to meet our goal of continued innovation and growth, we have overcome an obstacle faced by many decision makers and managers who are responsible for budgeting and improving the various KPI’s in any given department.

By being so extensive across the entire course range we are continuing to meet our ambitious goals of development and growth within the personal development industry. With PD Training’s Professional Telephone Skills Training Course, even the most ambitious of participant can reach their own personal ambitions.

The Professional Telephone Skills Training Course is part of our re-built and re-structured Signature Series that is aimed at providing the best adult learning experience available.

For more information or to book a Professional Telephone Skills Training Course follow the link: https://pdtraining.com.hk/courses/telephone-skills-training

Or speak to one of our friendly consultants call us on: 5808 8521

We look forward to helping improve your Telephone skills!

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