Signature Series – Advanced Skills for Elite Personal Assistants (PA’s) and Executive Assistants (EA’s) Hong Kong

The Advanced Skills for Elite Personal Assistants (PA’s) and Executive Assistants (EA’s) is a course that represents a key area of PD Training’s new Signature Series.  The revised course material has been completely re-written and re-designed to provide participants with the skills they need to be an effective and efficient assistant.

Being a leader in the professional development and learning industry for well over a decade, we realised the quality of the previous training material and courseware was lacking.  So, we decided that if we couldn’t find courseware that met the needs of our participants, we had to develop it ourselves.

By utilising and implementing the Learning Dimensions Profile (LDP), across all our Signature Series courseware, including intensive collaboration with our own industry leading personnel, the Advanced Skills for Elite Assistants course will provide each participant with tailored, personalised and effective training to help improve their own skills and talents.

The benefits of using the LDP personality profiling tool, is it ensures that the trainer delivers not only high-quality, customised and effective courses that help each participant to achieve their goals, but keeps PD Training ahead of the learning and development curve. By identifying the personality types that will be present in the session before it begins, our LDP certified trainers can modify the course to meet the needs of the various learning styles present in the classroom. From the extensive feedback we have received across our entire range of Signature Series courses, it’s clear that the more aligned the courseware is to the students in the room, the more effective and enjoyable the overall experience is.

Key Skills Taught in This Course Include:

  • Defining your role
  • Adjusting your style
  • 10 Rules for Successful Delegation
  • Managing Social Media
  • Major Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Measuring return on investment for employee learning and development has always been a challenge for the professional development training industry. PD Training and the LDP model have changed this. With the profiling tool, and our bespoke IT systems and Orgmenta app, clients can identify and measure the ROI for any course, for any student at any time. By re-writing the courseware for the Advanced Skills for Elite Assistants course to more effectively utilise the LDP toolkit, PD Training is uniquely positioned to train more students, in a more effective fashion with clear and positive returns.

By developing a new type of interactive courseware, the chances of participants being exposed to the content on a previous occasion is limited. We know that nothing ruins a learning experience more than coming away from a course feeling like nothing new was learned. So, we collaborated with our vastly experienced training team, across multiple countries, to design and implement an industry leading professional development experience.

PD training has made it our mission to help each participant become an ever-improving assistant and with PD Training’s new, innovative training courses, and our client testimonials agree.

The Advanced Skills for Elite Personal Assistants (PA’s) and Executive Assistants (EA’s) is part of PD Training’s brand new, re-structured Signature Series which are all aimed at providing the best adult learning experience available.

For more information or to book an Advanced Skills for Elite Personal Assistants (PA’s) and Executive Assistants (EA’s), follow the link below:

To speak to one of our friendly consultants call us on: 5808 8521

We look forward to helping improve your Personal or Executive Assistant skills!

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