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Being assertive can be the missing link that you’ve been looking for in order to be successful at work and in life.

We all crave for success. Be it in our work or private life. We want to be heard and respected. Yet, the opposite seems to be happening. We can’t seem to speak our mind. When we do, people get offended. It can be quite frustrating to say the least and, sadly, it’s never going to stop unless you learn how to be assertive the right way. Read on for some tips but if you want to seriously change your life, consider joining the Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Training Course of PD Training in Hong Kong.

What is Assertiveness?

Assertiveness is standing up for your values while still being respectful to the feelings of others. Don’t confuse this as being aggressive, which is Be Successful Through Assertiveness – Hong Kongcompletely different. Being assertive does not promote fear among your colleagues. As a matter of fact, it promotes respect amongst peers. Assertiveness lets you stop second-guessing yourself and helps you to be more confident of yourself and your capabilities. When you have such confidence and respectful demeanour, people start to look up to you because these are the traits of a good leader.

What are the Differences Between Assertive and Aggressive?

A common sign of an aggressive person is that he/she usually resorts to violence. An aggressive person is a violent person when he/she doesn’t get things his/her way. Assertive people like to give reminders using a gentle nudge. They usually like to give you a free hand with your work. Assertive people are also confident in a sense that they don’t have to micromanage everything. They are confident with themselves and the people working around them. An aggressive person does not know how to trust others and feels that only he/she knows what’s best without asking for the opinion of others.

Office Mood

Depending on whether you’re assertive or aggressive, the mood in the office also changes with it. When you are assertive, people have many ideas and suggestions. Projects seem to come to life with no effort. When you are aggressive, heads are hot and people just avoid saying anything. There is no friendship and respect with an aggressive person. To sum this up, it would be hard to have success when people are not cooperating.

Overall, success can be found when you are assertive because it creates a positive environment while being aggressive can ruin relationships in the office and thus create chaos. Be the successful individual that you’ve always wanted to be. Join PD Training in Hong Kong today!

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