Be Assertive and Feel Great About It – Hong Kong

Stand up for yourself and feel good about it because you deserve it, and because you should.

When someone cuts in front of you in the grocery store line, do you get angry but just keep quiet? Do you disagree what others think and yet you keep your mouth shut? Do you say yes to doing things even when you know that you don’t have enough time? Have you always wanted to say no but could never bring yourself to say it? Maybe it’s time you learned how to be assertive by joining the Assertiveness and Self-Confidence Training Course of PD Training in Hong Kong.

Being AssertiveBe Assertive and Feel Great About It – Hong Kong

What is being assertive? Being assertive is standing up for yourself and your beliefs without being disrespectful to others. The opposite of this is being too aggressive, which can be hurtful to others. This may also be one of the reasons why you can’t assert yourself – because you’re afraid you might hurt other people’s feelings with your words or actions. You start to become confused and second-guess your actions. This is not the end, though. This only means that you have a great amount to learn, and realising your mistakes is the first step to future success.

Speak Up

Not having to have someone defend you and, instead, just standing up for yourself has a huge payoff and it’s so much more than just getting your way with others. When you say what you want, you’re definitely living a more authentic life – the life that you really want instead of just pretending to be happy. Besides, regardless of the outcome, it has been noted that people who speak up do better at work, have more time in their hands and have a healthier relationship with other people.

Learn to Say No

A colleague wants you to take over a project he has been working on but, unfortunately, you don’t have any time left. In a situation like this, never take anything that you know you will never be able to finish. You’re more likely to hurt yourself, as well as the other people you’ve already said yes to, if you take on more. Besides, your colleague will respect you more for saying no to him/her than saying yes and then never finishing his/her project.

Stick to Your Values

You need your colleagues to respect your values and decisions. The best time to use sentences with “I” is when you’re talking about a sensitive subject. Statements using “I” express your own needs, which in all honesty, is something we are all entitled to have. When we use “you”, it puts the other person on the defensive and could escalate the problem even more. Always keep your sentences simple and own them.

Ultimately, learning to be assertive will benefit not only you, but also your colleagues, friends and family. You will be a better leader and a more respectful person. You will also get the respect you deserve. Let PD Training in Hong Kong help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

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