Why All Leaders Need to Work on Their Assertiveness – Hong Kong

If there is one trait that every leader should work on, it is their assertiveness because being assertive has the power to amplify other leadership assets.

Being assertive is often misunderstood, especially when the person trying to be assertive is arrogant or too pushy. Of course, there is a process on how to be assertive the right way and early mistakes should not discourage you from improving your assertiveness. If you’re serious about correcting your ways and changing for the better, then consider joining the assertiveness training course from PD Training in Hong Kong.

As negative as people think being too assertive is, more damage is actually done when you are not assertive. When a person is pushy, that person is letting you know what he/she thinks. Those who don’t let you know may actually be keeping important information unintentionally. This is why assertiveness greatly adds to your impact, in general.

Being Fearless

Based on a previous study, one of the most powerful characteristics of a great leader was his ability to be fearless. Being Why All Leaders Need to Work on Their Assertiveness – Hong Kongassertive is being fearless. To be able to fight for resources or to be able to openly disagree with senior managers about things that could greatly affect the company with unintended consequences. Remember that when you are challenged, you tend to think deeper to justify your course of action and, in turn, produce a much better idea.

Create Value

Who would have thought that being assertive also works in sales? It has been pointed out that some of the most successful sales professionals are not the ones who build relationships, but are the ones who push back and challenge their customers to see problems they never anticipated. This creates greater value for the customer than just building relationships.


It may sound weird to have assertiveness and teamwork in one sentence. However, most teams thrive when they have members who are not afraid to express their views regardless of how unpopular it is. Also, if the leader is able to make a safe environment for those unpopular opinions, this makes the team even better as all members are able to participate fully.

Promote Change

When everyone is passive, constructive change rarely happens. This is because no one speaks up and ideas are never passed around. When people speak up, people listen and that is when change happens. Don’t be afraid of speaking up even if your comment is negative or unpopular, as long as it carries good intentions.

Effective Communication

Assertiveness enables a leader’s voice to be heard and adds conviction to his message. The people listening will really be able to tell the difference and will also be inspired, which is an effect that a good leader should have.

These are just a few of the changes that you will experience when you learn how to be assertive effectively. Join the PD Training assertiveness training course in Hong Kong and be a whole new you.

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