Why It’s Important To Be Assertive In The Office – Hong Kong

Being assertive at work is certainly easier said than done, and while it may come easily for some, it can take a tremendous amount of effort for others.

Being assertive is a trait all office workers should have. However, it is very important not to confuse being assertive with being aggressive, selfish, rude or as taking the spotlight from others. Being assertive is more about being self-reliant, independent, and resourceful with minimal or no supervision at all. This is a very important skill that even top-level management should have. If you believe that you need to start being assertive but you’re not sure how to get started, consider joining the Assertiveness and Self-confidence Training Course from PD Training in Hong Kong.

So, what are some of the traits of an assertive person that makes them successful?Why It’s Important To Be Assertive In The Office – Hong Kong

Never Afraid To Ask Questions

Most successful people make it a habit to always ask questions. It helps them to grasp what is needed for the task, and also helps them to work efficiently with a high degree of quality. If you keep your questions to yourself, you’re more likely to make mistakes and, ultimately, fail. Understand that nobody knows everything and that some people may know more than you about certain things, just as you may know more about other things.

Always Ready

An assertive person is always ready to take on new tasks and responsibilities. They act like this because they are confident in their skills and abilities. People who are not assertive usually feel terrified in trying new things because they are not confident enough and feel that they might make mistakes or fail. This is not the case for an assertive person. He/she knows that there can be mistakes along the way, but is willing to accept the mistakes and learn from them. An assertive person also has the drive to make everything work to his/her advantage.


Assertive people are decisive. They don’t hesitate when a decision needs to be made, or waste time having second thoughts about every minor decision they have to make.

Always Heard

An assertive person always offers an opinion and is never afraid to do so. They also come prepared and are able to back up their opinion. They don’t just open their mouths for the sake of opening it. Many times, people have great ideas but these ideas get lost because the person is afraid to voice his/her opinion.

Many people mistake assertion as bullying, aggression or anger. It is none of those. When you are being assertive, you are still treating others with respect and dignity. Sometimes, an assertive person can even give someone else a voice, thereby helping both you and your colleagues. Overall, being assertive in the office or workplace is a very important skill for everyone who wants to grow and be a leader. Be the winner you’ve always wanted to be and join the Assertiveness and Self-confidence Training Course from PD Training in Hong Kong.

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