Tips for Excellent Customer Service – Hong Kong

Having excellent customer service is a skill that can help everyone regardless of the type of contact that they may have with a customer, whether it is via phone, online or face-to-face.

Nothing can be better for business than a happy and satisfied customer. When we have excellent customer service, our customers are more likely to come back as well as recommend our business to other people. Keep in mind that excellent customer feedback is the best advertisement you’ll ever get. If you really want to give excellent customer service, don’t hesitate in joining the Customer Service Training Course from PD Training in Hong Kong.


Nothing puts a person more at ease than a welcoming smile. This is very easy to do and yet it is so powerful. So powerful in fact that it can change the mood of a customer in a snap. A smile has the power to do that because it’s very contagious. Even when you’re on the phone, it can make you sound different when you smile. It’s also a great way to start a conversation.Tips for Excellent Customer Service – Hong Kong

But be very wary of making false smiles. It is easily identifiable and can send out the wrong message.

Listen Actively

When you don’t listen, you become less able to help the customer and when that happens, you’ll risk losing the customer for good. Try to listen to their needs, empathise and find a solution.

Be Welcoming

Besides not smiling, nothing can turn off a customer more than feeling they are not welcome. Start with a smile and greeting, such as “good morning” or “welcome”. Just say something simple and not overdone. Remember that these people had a choice of not going to your business but they did, so don’t make them regret their decision.

Be as natural as possible when communicating and, if necessary, steer the conversation around the product or service you want to sell. Just don’t come across as being pushy or too complacent and avoid sounding as if you are reciting a script. If you have personal problems, leave it at home. Don’t put any negative thoughts in your customer’s mind.

True to Your Words

Be trustworthy to your customers. Never give them false hope or promises you can’t keep because you might make a sale once but it will never come back if they can’t trust you. If there is a change in the situation, be sure to let the client know immediately.

Be Memorable

Try to be as memorable as possible, but in the right way. You can try going the extra mile or exceeding the client’s expectations. This will surely make you unforgettable.

There are many other ways you can give excellent customer service and with the help of PD Training in Hong Kong, you’ll really be able to provide the type of service that your customers are looking for and more.

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