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The moment you open your mouth, people will recognize the confidence in your voice and that will be your chance to make a good impression.

The way you speak will either open doors or close doors for you. If you can’t make a good impression the first time, you might never get an opportunity again. It is always in how you say things and how you sound. Also, there will be times when you need to you “I” in your sentence. Question is, wouldn’t that make you sound selfish or arrogant? If you’re really serious in learning how to be assertive, consider joining the Assertiveness and self-confidence Training Course from PD Training in Hong Kong.Be Assertive and Sound Confident – Hong Kong

  • In order to sound confident, you need to be confident and to be confident, you need to start appreciating yourself. Love yourself and who you are because people who have low self-esteem are usually the ones who are lacking confidence. When you are confident, it will show in how you live your everyday life and especially at the office.
  • Praise yourself everyday so you will boost your confidence. Tell yourself of all the great things that you’ve accomplished in the past. When you are confident, people will start to take you more seriously.
  • Change your way of thinking or mindset. Start thinking that you know what you’re talking about and remove any hint of self-doubt. By believing in yourself, you’ll be able to show more confidence than before and it will be evident when you speak.
  • Remember to keep everything short. You don’t always need a speech just for people to appreciate you especially when a simple comment will suffice. It is understandable to feel some amount of pressure when the spotlight is turned to you. Just stay focused and try to stay away from trying to create some complicated response.
  • Be aware of the gestures you make as body language can either help you or ruin you. Hand gestures should act like punctuations for your sentence and should always be intentional.
  • Always maintain eye contact. Besides being polite, it also helps people to concentrate on you when you are talking. To make it easier for you, try to look for some friendly face in the crowd and focus on those.
  • Record yourself when you’re practicing at home so you can play it back and listen to how well you deliver. This will help you to fine-tune certain areas that you won’t usually notice.

PD Training Hong Kong is here to provide you top notch training so you can improve yourself and your future. Take advantage of this opportunity today and you will see the wonderful changes in your life.

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