Training in Management: Preparing Managers for Challenges

Management is nothing more than motivating other people.
– Lee Iacocca

In most corporations the number of line managers or mid-level managers usually outnumber senior managers. Mid-level management is responsible for implementing the policies, plans and changes that the senior management has designated and also interacting with staff on a day-to-day basis.Training in Management: Preparing Managers for Challenges

For the success of any project, it is essential that the managers are trained to handle innovation and change and skilled in organisational structures and processes, decision-making, management and leadership.

Challenges Faced

Mid-level managers can have a profound impact on the culture, stability and productivity of an organisation. Therefore, it’s critical that they are committed to the goals of the organisation and can successfully execute these goals through the use of effective management principles.

One of the problems facing mid-level management is keeping on top of the latest tools trends due to their often busy schedule and daily requirements in the office.

It is essential for any organisation to keep middle management prepared for issues related to changing working conditions like staff working remotely or the use of external contractors through continuous up-skilling.

Skill Development

Skills such as delegation, planning and reporting are essential for most front-line managers as well as budgeting and employee support.

Good communication and balanced negotiation skills are also two very important traits which any manager should be required to practice and improve via on-going training workshops and management courses.

For effectively carrying out their duties, a manager needs to be skilled at strategy-making, conflict prevention and resolution, change management, team management, controlling human resources and processes, motivating, and leading employees.

Highly skilled managers are able to influence and guide the employees towards positivity and growth by taking the right decisions at the right time, and using appropriate strategies to manage people in different situations. To safely cruise through change and challenges, an organisation needs to have top managers.


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