Top 10 Skills in Supervision – Hong Kong

Being a first-level supervisor is one of the most difficult, demanding and challenging jobs in any organisation, says Harvard Business Review.[i] A supervisor juggles many balls – managing, delegating, leading, resolving conflicts, motivating and more. To be able to supervise a team of any size and skill level, a common set of supervision skills is needed. Here are the top 10 skills that a supervisor needs to successfully supervise at any level.


1 Supervising Others  Know the qualities of winning supervisors and the management skills they use
2 Communication  Use clear and concise language to promote understanding
3 Leadership Create common ground, encourage collaboration and keep the team motivated
4 Delegation Know when and whom to delegate
5 Critical Thinking  Get to the root of problems, generate solutions and create a plan to implement them
6 Employee Motivation  Know how to use personal motivators, and help employees to grow and develop
7 Giving Feedback Constructively Sandwich a negative feedback between two positives
8 Time Management  Set SMART goals, prioritise, delegate and create rituals to manage time
9 Conflict Resolution  Learn to identify individual needs, find common ground and suggest options to resolve the issue permanently
10 Communicating across Cultures  Develop a basic understanding of the other culture, notice non-verbal cues and show acceptance of the cultural differences





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