Tips on Spending your Time Wisely with Time Management – Hong Kong

Time flies not only when you’re having fun but it flies with just about anything we do.

Time is the most precious, priceless and elusive commodity that we all have. What would we give to have a little bit more of it than everyone else? Unfortunately, it’s impossible. We all have the same amount of time but some of us achieve more than others. This is not because they are fast workers. This is not because they have less to work on because they know how to manage their time wisely. If you think that you need to know more about time management, consider joining the Time Management Training Course of PD Training Hong Kong.

How do you spend your time?

Start keeping a diary that lists everything you do over a couple of days. This will give you a general idea of how you’re spending your time. You will be able to pinpoint areas of your day where you could have used your time more wisely. Stay true to yourself. You’ll be surpTips on Spending your Time Wisely with Time Management – Hong Kongrised at how those minutes add up.


Start your day doing the most important tasks. This allows you to spend your energy and effort on the tasks that are most important to your work.

Look before you leap!

Always check your schedule before committing to a task or job. You definitely can’t do it all and committing when your schedule is full will only create chaos.

Plan tomorrow TODAY!

Have a headstart the next day when you plan tomorrow’s tasks today before you leave the office. Nothing beats going to the office and knowing exactly what you need to do.

Manage your email

Do not allow yourself to be a slave to your email. You don’t need to open every email that comes in. That will only cause distractions for you when you’re working.

Sleep, eat and exercise

Never take these three for granted. Sometimes you allow yourself to be deprived of these because you need to work but in fact, when you don’t eat, sleep and exercise, you will start to lose focus, concentration and energy. Taking care of your body helps you achieve a healthy mind and body. This will reflect on the quality of your work.

Minimise social media

Social media has become a part of our daily lives. We can’t get past a few minutes without checking the new comments on facebook, instagram and twitter to name a few. It has gotten so big that we literally can’t live without it. This is alright but when you’re working, you have to keep social media to a minimum because it takes up the time you have for work. Even those little social media breaks can add up. Be professional when you’re working and have your fill of social media when you’re done with your tasks.

These tips can help you get back on track at work but if you want a total change, you’ll definitely find more to learn at PD Training in Hong Kong.

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