Six Sigma Training: What is Process Management?

Lean Six Sigma Process Management Training Course from pd training
Train to Manage Processes Effectively

Process Management enhances the ability to manage the behaviour and performance of processes. It provides a systematic approach about the actual work flow of a process, allowing you to identify weaknesses and achieve improvements in processes.

The process indicator help you to manage processes effectively by bringing the focus on the needs of the customer, the process and the business. Process management provides a structure for the continuous monitoring of an organisation’s capability to meet customer requirements. It establishes work improvement priorities, and provides a common language within and across departments. It links together all process activities so that the team members can better understand their roles and perform accordingly.

According to the Six Sigma glossary:

Process Owner: A process owner is a person who manages the processes from end-to-end to ensure that the overall performance of a process is satisfactory. A process owner coordinates functional/cross-functional activities at all levels of a work process. S/he has the responsibility to approve changes in the process, and monitor the improvement efforts made by the team.

Process Member: A process member is a person who is a key contributor or supporter in ensuring that a process delivers satisfactory results.

Lean Six Sigma Training Course from pd training
Train Your Team in Lean Six Sigma

It is important to understand that the core processes have many major processes that are then divided into sub-processes. Some, but not all, sub-processes are critical to the success of a business. Ideally, we must immediately know all the critical issues in a process, but in reality, we discover them either systematically or when it becomes obvious that they are causing problems.

Many people tend to see processes in terms of departments or functions. This is referred to as the “Silo” or vertical view of process flow. In Silo, value actually flow horizontal across the many silos of a company. In other words, core processes expand horizontally across the company.

Process management allows you to improve the performance of processes using effective tools and techniques that are guaranteed to give results. It is an essential skill required by all process managers to be able to manage processes successfully.

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