Retaining your Customers through Excellent Customer Service – Hong Kong

It is not your product or your place that brings back customers but the way you treat them.

Customer service plays a major role in any industry. It is what keeps your customers coming back for more. It is what makes people talk about your business in a positive light. It is what makes people feel welcome when they step inside your office. If you want people to feel like this, then consider joining the customer service training course by PD Training in Hong Kong.

To illustrate customer service, let us read about what happened to a particular hotel.

This hotel was very popular. It had guests coming in from around the world and it was always booked. In fact, it was quite difficult to get a room if you didn’t book ahead of time. It was that popular. Their service was always excellent. From the moment you stepped in, you would feel right at home. Everything you needed was always provided by the staff in an efficient manner and they did everything with a smile on their faces. They really went the “extra mile.”

Years later, a new hotel opened just beside the popular hotel. This new hotel had all the modern amenities lacking frRetaining your Customers through Excellent Customer Service – Hong Kongom the other hotel. It was truly a sight to behold. Obviously, the old hotel’s clientele all transferred to the new hotel, curious of how it would be to stay there.

This put the staff of the old hotel in a panic. No one was staying at the old hotel and they feared they would lose their jobs at some point. Their CEO advised them to keep their heads up and still maintain their level of customer service no matter what since they are unable to upgrade their hotel’s structure due to their existing loan.

Weeks passed and still no results. A few months later, they noticed a trickle of old guests coming back. Later, most of their old guests have returned and business started to pick up again. This made the staff wonder what happened. Why were they coming back all of a sudden? This question prompted them to talk to a few of their guests and what came back really surprised them. According to the guests, they didn’t like the service they were getting at the new hotel. It was ice cold and it felt like it was purely business. It made them feel like all the hotel wanted from them was their money.

There was no customer service to speak of.

This story tells us how much a business, regardless of industry, needs to have great customer service. By joining the customer service training course of PD Training in Hong Kong, you will be able to acquire the skills necessary for you to elevate your customer service. Contrary to the belief of many, great customer service is not easy and it is something that is developed through experience and learning. Don’t wait for your customers to disappear, learn customer service today because your customers deserve your best.

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