How to Handle Difficult People at the Workplace

Handling Difficult People and Situations from pd training
Build skills in handling difficult people

Handling difficult people is a skill that can be learned. We all face difficult people and situations at work or home. Whether it is a customer or a colleague, when emotions are ruling the mind rather than rationale, you need to use certain techniques to keep yourself calm and to handle the other person in such a way that no damage is done.

A person might become difficult in certain circumstances. Often times, when a person is difficult, s/he is not aware how their behaviour will impact others. When the emotions are ruling, the person is completely oblivious of the surroundings, themselves, and others. At such a time, a person can inflict pain on him, on others, and damage things. To avoid aggravating a difficult situation, you need to know how to handle difficult people.

Training in handling difficult people and situations helps you to:

  • Understand the personality profiles of difficult people
  • Recognise the different types of difficult people in one’s life
  • Develop perspective and empathy
  • Consider one’s own beliefs and values
  • Understand the Degrees of Difficulty
  • Learn about ‘First Response’ and how to move past it to be more constructive
  • Consider ‘Go’, and ‘No Go’ options
  • Develop plans to deal with difficult people
  • Master the right words to use
  • Master the LEAD model for a better outcome
  • Understand the use of AI (Appreciative Inquiry)

Being forced to handle difficult situations without the right skills leads to the aggravating of conflicts, dissatisfaction, and bitterness in employees. It is essential that a manager or a team leader have the skills to handle difficult people and situations so that conflicts are resolved positively with minimum of damage.

Handling of difficult people and challenging situations confidently, effectively, and quickly helps the employees to cooperate better, coordinate without conflicts, develop team spirit, and removes negativity from the work environment. When the employees know that their problems will be effectively handled by the management, it builds their trust in the company, and enhances their loyalty and productivity.

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