How and Why Develop Skills in Business Writing

Writing for businesses require special skills in planning, structuring, choosing words, and formatting. There are many kinds of business documents that require specialised writing such as reports, proposals, business letter and emails. To ensure that your business creates an impression on others, develop skills in business writing.

Here are a few tips on writing better:

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  1. Keep your main idea central. Before you begin writing any business document, you have a central idea that you wish to impart. If you’re writing a proposal, for example, your main idea might be that ‘this solution is what would solve the problem most satisfactorily.’ Keep this idea in mind, and weed out information that does not support your main idea.
  2. See how to best explain your main idea. Once you have a main idea, consider the facts or information that will best support your central idea. Present them in logical order.
  3. Outline before writing. An outline will give you a structure to work with. It will provide you with an idea of the impact the writing will have on the reader.

Below is an example of a business writing outline:

Main Idea:

A. Supporting Idea 1.

1. Supporting detail for Idea 1

2. Supporting detail for Idea 1

3. Supporting detail for Idea 1


B. Supporting Idea 2.

1. Supporting detail for Idea 2

2. Supporting detail for Idea 2

3. Supporting detail for Idea 2


C. Supporting Idea 3.

1. Supporting detail for Idea 3

2. Supporting detail for Idea 3

3. Supporting detail for Idea 3

Skill development in business writing helps not only to provide information to others, but also to create the right impression on clients, business partners and customers. Business writing is a method of communication that exhibits your professionalism, and is, therefore, an important tool in establishing business relationships.

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